Intensive Spanish Courses

Intensive Spanish classes

If you need to study the Spanish language urgently and quickly, we will help you do it.

Intensive Spanish courses are designed to teach you Spanish in the most efficient and fastest way.

In these Spanish courses we make you a personalized program according to your objectives and way of learning Spanish.

We prepare you so that you can speak Spanish fluently, write well and understand different Spanish accents as well.

The intensive Spanish classes are for 1 or 2 people.

You choose the frequency of the Spanish classes.

In-class Intensive Spanish Course

24 € per 1 student

(The price is less when there are more than 1 student)

From Monday to Saturday

Online Intensive Spanish Course

24 € per 1 student

(The price is less when there are more than 1 student)

From Monday to Saturday


Experience our unique way of teaching. You will speak Spanish from the first moment.



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Tailored-made Spanish lessons

The Spanish lessons are adapted to your needs and objectives.

Tell us why you want to study Spanish and we will create a personalized program for you.

Learn Spanish quickly and easily

With our fun method and personalized program, you will learn Spanish effectively and fast.

The intensive Spanish courses teach you Spanish in a communicative and simple way.

Spanish language has never been easier to learn

Online or face-to-face courses

Intensive Spanish courses can be online or face-to-face

You choose the way of studying Spanish that you prefer.

You will learn Spanish with the same results in both forms.

Flexible schedules

The intensive Spanish lessons can be in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Our schedules are flexible according to your needs.


Our teachers are highly qualified and share something very important: a big motivation and a strong desire to make you speak a lot and give you a cultural experience through the language.


Start learning Spanish now with our lessons on Youtube.
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  • Nina Valová
    Nina ValováI had to learn Spanish because I needed it just for my exams. However, after the first class at Linguarte school I felt motivated and able to speak because of its simple method and after a few weeks, I could talk more than after two years learning with standard methods. Thanks to Linguarte, I now love Spanish and I want to speak it all the time. Try Linguarte and you will see the difference immediately
  • Kristina Cvečková
    Kristina CvečkováIt’s summer and I can speak Spanish on holiday! I started only a while ago taking lessons at Linguarte using its effective teaching method, but can already feel the progress. And the best about it is that it’s fun. At Linguarte you don’t waste time by exercise filling. I really recommend you study with Linguarte
  • Patrícia Demovičová
    Patrícia DemovičováThe classes were very beneficial for me. The main method was the conversation, also complemented with other resources according to what I needed. We were talking about topics I chose or about the things happening in the world. The classes are made completely to fulfil the student's needs. The atmosphere was really friendly. Every time I had lessons I was leaving the classes happy and cleverer 🙂



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